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All my books are currently in French. The latest, “What if you could re-enchant your life?” should be translated into English in 2020. In the meantime, if you want to practise your French and travel into marvellous lands you can head here and pick your favourite. I suggest “Éclosia ou l’Écosse des légendes” as a great start.😉


Whether delivered to the audience of Book fairs or conventions, or to business managers, my conferences all have one aim: to enchant and inspire the attendees. Forget Chief Happiness Officers, book a Chief Enchanting Officer today!

A blog

Again, as my audience is mostly French, for the moment, my articles are only in this language. Do not hesitate to request articles in English by sending me an email, I will gladly do so if you are interested.

A  Newsletters

Guess what? Currently, I do not have an English-speaking audience. But if you are interested in receiving my monthly newsletter in that language, I will gladly translate it for you. Just register here and reply to the newsletter you received by asking for its translation. 😊

What I do

« Chief Enchanting Officer »

I became known as an Enchantress through my books, which moved and inspired thousands of readers. My mission is now to bring this enchantment to the business world.
Too many people are suffering at work today – managers as much as employees. I want this to end. I want people to realise that their job can become enchanting places.

How to keep in touch

  • nathalie.bagadey[at]free.fr (replace the [at] by @)
  • I would love to travel to your country to speak to your audience. I have already been to most European countries, but also South Korea, Cuba, Canada, the USA, Egypt and Sri Lanka.

Titles and distinctions

"Humaine, touchante et authentique."

Sarah Galvan – Photographe-Thérapeute chez Photo-Terre-Happy

"Vous ne resterez pas indifférents à ses messages pleins d'émotion et de magie pour vous reconnecter au merveilleux qui est en vous."

Franck Pierrot – Conférencier Professionnel, ex G.I.G.N.

"Dire qu'elle a enchanté le public serait un euphémisme !"

Pascal Haumont – Conférencier, comédien, imitateur

"Son intervention est pleine de tendresse, elle vous apprendra à mettre de la magie dans votre quotidien et ça fait du bien !"

Guy Burkhardt – Expert service et relation client

"Osez vous laisser embarquer par son enthousiasme, son authenticité, son art de raconter des histoires. Vos équipes en ressortiront avec un dynamisme, de l’audace, de l’envie et de la vie."

Fanny Walter – Flow booster

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