Once upon a time (ok, if you really want to know, that’s in 1970), a nice and shy girl was born near Paris, before she moved to the south of France.

After getting a degree in the Tourism industry, she landed her first job as an executive assistant in a franchised hotel. After one year, she was already on the verge of a burn-out, so she went back to her studies, got a Master degree in the prestigious McGill University in Montreal (1995) and passed her Secondary-School Teaching Diploma in South Korea (1997). She taught English as a Foreign Language – along with Literature classes – for 20 years and received the Agrégation – the highest competitive examination in France (2008).

In the meantime, she got married and happily raised her 3 children.

She has always loved travelling and living abroad – she has been a volunteer as tour leader for the Arts et Vie cultural association since 2010 – and reading, especially fantasy. She started being published in 2012, in the fantasy genre essentially and has attended numerous book fairs and conventions ever since.
In 2016, one of her novels received the International Mazamet Book Fair Prize and in 2019 she became the Literary Honor Guest of the Yggdrasil Festival.
As she was repeatedly asked to give lectures on these occasions, she discovered that she had a knack for public speaking and, in 2019, she launched her own business, Nathalie Bagadey Productions, to dedicate her life to being a professional writer and speaker.

She is a member of KeyNote and Speaker4Earth, a representative of the French Optimists’ League and a member of the AFCP – the French Professional Speakers’ Association – administrative board.
She is delighted to welcome you on these pages and hope you will connect as well on the social networks.

Her best-sellers

The first one is meant to be translated into English in 2020, as about the others… do you know that reading a book in a foreign language is a highly recommended practice? 😉

Et si vous réenchantiez votre vie ?

Développpement personnel
Un guide tendre et inspirant sur le chemin d’un mieux-être nécessaire. 

“Éclosia ou l’Écosse des légendes”

Un voyage merveilleux au coeur des Highlands, pour tous les amoureux de cette destination…

Une autre vie à Citara

Série d’heroic fantasy
Pour tous ceux qui rêvent de magie, de courage et d’aventures…

Because figures are meaningful too…

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"Humaine, touchante et authentique."


Sarah Galvan – Photographe-Thérapeute chez Photo-Terre-Happy

"Dire qu'elle a enchanté le public serait un euphémisme !"


Pascal Haumont – Conférencier, comédien, imitateur

"Son intervention est pleine de tendresse, elle vous apprendra à mettre de la magie dans votre quotidien et ça fait du bien !"


Guy Burkhardt – Expert service et relation client

"Vous ne resterez pas indifférents à ses messages pleins d'émotion et de magie pour vous reconnecter au merveilleux qui est en vous."


Franck Pierrot – Conférencier Professionnel, ex G.I.G.N.

"Osez vous laisser embarquer par son enthousiasme, son authenticité, son art de raconter des histoires. Vos équipes en ressortiront avec un dynamisme, de l’audace, de l’envie et de la vie."


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