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Flyer annonce SOS- fond transp.

Why this show?

An answer to this question can be found in the video below (in French but you can add English subtitles). A more detailed article (in French too) can be found here.

How can you attend?

To attend the live show and interact with my guests, go to your favourite platform – YouTube or Facebook – every Monday at 8 pm (Paris time). It is best to subscribe to my YouTube channel or to my Facebook Page Conférences de Nathalie Bagadey. Do not forget to enable notifications! It is also a good idea to set up a reminder on your cell phone a few minutes before the time of the show. You will not need any webcam or mike.

You can also be informed of all the posts about “She’s On Stage!” by typing #shesonstage on your favourite social networks (again, don’t forget to subscribe to this hashtag).

During the show, you will be able to comment, see some of your comments displayed on screen, ask questions to my guest and suggest a “last word” at the end. I promise you that you will have a lively, impactful and heart-warming moment with us. ♥

If you can’t be present during the live show, you can still watch the replay, whether on Facebook or YouTube.


[If you want to participate in the show because you too are an expert in your field and a public speaker or MC, please do not hesitate to contact me, using the email address which appears on the bottom of any pages. Be patient, though: the first wave is already planned and will last until October, there are not any available slots before that date. ]

Suivez-nous en direct sur :

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What’s the content of the show?

Here is a quick insight into the sequences which will take place during the show:

  • Why “SOS”?
  • Today, let’s welcome…
  • My guest’s area of expertise
  • Why is this important?
  • Her best memory on stage
  • Break Time
  • Ask Her Anything
  • And what about re-enchantment?” What I am an expert on is “Re-Enchanting the world”. This is when I ask my guest how they are adding some enchantment in their lives.
  • My guest, in a word… cloud
Nathalie Bagadey regard vers la gauche, écouteurs

Who are my guests?

Below, you will find the guest list, in the order of their appearance on “She’s On Stage!”
Once a month the show will be held in English and focus on an international speaker.

01/06/20 : Carol Bausor

"Prof d'anglais ... mais pas que !!!"

Sa thématique : tout est possible

08/06/20 : Sabine Vandebroek

 Sabine Vandebroeke


Sa thématique : "Les croyances limitantes, les tuer, ça vous tente ?"

15/06/20 : Virginie Perrot

Virginie Perrot



Sa thématique : créer du lien

22/06/20 : Josette Kalifa

Josette Kalifa


Sa thématique : la voix pour grandir

29/06/20 : Joyce Carols (ENGLISH BROADCAST)



Her themes :

27/07/20 : Claire Boscq-Scott (ENGLISH BROADCAST)


Her theme : Consumer/Employee Experience

03/08/20 : Alice Kara

Alice Kara



Sa thématique : la "vunérabilitude" 🙂

10/08/20 : Magali Daubier

Magali Daubier



Sa thématique : l'audace d'être soi

17/08/20 : Céline Derochette

Céline Derochette



Sa thématique : libère-toi !

31/08/20 : Fanny Walter

Fanny Walter



Sa thématique : une nouvelle mesure du bonheur

 “She’s on stage!” –
The PLaylist

In this playlist, you will find all the episodes of the show, along with the best-of played during the holiday. Enjoy!

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